13 Times Chris Hardwick Called Me Out At #TCA

He’s on a Comedy Central show? Update: Chris Hardwick has issued his response. And updated again with what he said!

I wasn’t at the Television Critics Association Press Tour today. But apparently, “@midnight” host Chris Hardwick read a bunch of my tweets and asked which ones were real. (They all were.)

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Chris Hardwick.

Here’s what he said:

“Which of the following is a real tweet by Kate Aurthur? You should follow on Twitter, by the way. Is it, A, “Will not read the AMA by the man with two penises. Not on January 1st, I won’t.” Is it B? “Reading ‘Flowers in the Attic’ at a playground is the creepiest thing I’ve done in years,” or is it, C, “I’m not going to Google this, but does Kate Winslet have 18,000 children? I feel like she’s named 18,000 babies weird shit.” The correct answer is all of the above. Those are all things that Kate Aurthur said. Well done, Kate Aurthur.”

Second update: Victory is mine!

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