Mitt Romney Looking Longingly At People

Mitt Romney loves to look longingly at other politicians. It tends to happen a lot around Chris Christie.

1. Looking longingly at Rick Santorum

ID: 342824

2. Looking longingly at Chris Christie

ID: 342826

3. Looking longingly at Rick Perry

ID: 342827

4. Lookingly longingly at John McCain

ID: 342830

5. Again….Chris Christie

ID: 342832

6. Looking longingly at Herman Cain

ID: 342836

7. Looking longingly at Ron Paul

ID: 344701

8. This man loves Chris Christie

ID: 342842

9. Looking longingly at Newt Gingrich

ID: 342844

10. Looking longingly at Rick Santorum again

ID: 344722

11. Did we mention Chris Christie?

ID: 342847

12. Looking longingly at Donald Trump

ID: 342861

13. Lookingly Longingly at Newt round II

ID: 352124

14. Looking longingly at Michele Bachmann

ID: 342851

15. Chris…..

ID: 351552

16. Christie.

ID: 342852

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