20 Of The Best "Around The World" Photos From Space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has been tweeting some amazing shots from the International Space Station. As he prepares to come back to Earth, here’s some of his best shots from above the world.

1. Africa

Farming patterns disrupting the landscape

ID: 1157995

2. Australia

The outback of Australia is its own painting

ID: 1157956

3. Brazil

Where the linear farms meet the free river

ID: 1157952

4. Brazil 2

Farming. Or brain?

ID: 1158041

5. Canada

Frozen patterns

ID: 1157974

6. Caymans

Island paradise

ID: 1157979

7. Central Asia

More patchwork art

ID: 1158019

8. China

Who knew mining pits looked like this from Space?

ID: 1158033

9. Israel

The Nile and the Sinai

ID: 1157999

10. Malaysia

The birth of a storm over Malaysia

ID: 1157964

11. Saudi Arabia

Stark and strangely beautiful

ID: 1158030

12. Siberia

Clouds, snow and a lake that holds 1/5th of the Earth’s fresh water

ID: 1157969

13. Syria

Looks so calm from so far high

ID: 1158039

14. Texas

UFOs? No, just farming

ID: 1157984

15. The Sahara

Changing the landscape in real time

ID: 1157989

16. Turkey

Chess? No, just more farming in Turkey

ID: 1158023

17. USA

Northern Lights over the USA

ID: 1158011

18. Moon Rise

Has the Moon ever looked this good?

ID: 1158001

19. Oil, air & water

Chemistry in Space. So cool

ID: 1158003

20. Desert art

Wind meets sand equals natural art

ID: 1158014

The Man; Chris Hadfield

The man who brought Space, science and the wonders of our planet, to the masses via 140 characters. Thank you

ID: 1158045

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