25 Reasons You Should Be Paying Attention To "New Girl’s" Winston Bishop

He’s one of those characters who don’t get enough love.

1. He has his priorities straight.

ID: 1021736

2. He knows what matters in life.

ID: 1021938

3. He doesn’t care about your bickering. He just wants to eat.

ID: 1021748

4. No, seriously. Feed him already.

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5. He knows the lyrics to Defying Gravity.

ID: 1021781

6. He wants you to have a good night.

And is offended when you don’t want the same for him.

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7. He’s not afraid to let loose.

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8. He’s multi-talented.

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9. In fact, he can sleep and work at the same time.

ID: 1021834

10. Ok, that was a lie.

ID: 1021841

11. But he found a job he loves and is all better.

ID: 1021853

12. He gives really good advice.

ID: 1021856

13. And he gives it often.

ID: 1021861

14. Which is good because his roommates are crazy.

ID: 1021874

15. And emotional.

ID: 1021878

16. And did I mention crazy?

ID: 1021882

17. Shhhh. He’s giving more advice.

ID: 1021886

18. He’s a devoted friend.

ID: 1021890

19. This kid (who doesn’t like anyone) loves him.

What? You don’t have to know someone’s name to love them!

ID: 1021896

20. He isn’t afraid to cry in public.

ID: 1021902

21. Or in private.

ID: 1021904

22. He has insecurities just like the rest of us.

ID: 1021905

23. He’s a romantic.

ID: 1021911

24. He cares about your safety.

ID: 1022185

25. And he undresses himself when he’s having a panic attack.

ID: 1022489

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