26 Reasons You Should Break Up

It’s time to call it quits.

2. You’re not ready for a commitment.

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3. They put you down.

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4. You don’t enjoy spending time with them.

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5. Your pet doesn’t trust them.

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6. They don’t own up to their mistakes.

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7. You’re not attracted to them.

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8. Your sex life’s not what it used to be.

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9. They push you away.

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10. They bore you.

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11. They cheated.

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12. You cheated.

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13. They don’t support your dreams.

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14. They have annoying habits.

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15. Your in-laws refuse to learn your name.

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16. They’re weirdly sensitive about spoilers.

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17. They talk about you behind your back.

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18. There’s a good chance they’re trying to kill you.

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19. You’re equally not fond of them.

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20. They ignore you when they’re with their friends.

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21. You don’t like their personality.

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22. There’s no romance.

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23. You want to spend more time with your friends.

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24. There’s someone else.

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25. You can’t agree on who should sit on the iron throne.

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26. You don’t love each other anymore.

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