Which Are Cuter, Puppies Or Babies?

The age-old debate ends today… Which species reigns supreme? Share your thoughts/cute puppies/cute babies below!

1. Babies and Puppies have lived harmoniously for decades…

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2. But who will win in the cuteness showdown of the century: Babies? Or Puppies?

ID: 1346706

3. First up… TEAM PUPPIES!

ID: 1346719

4. Why are puppies cuter than babies, you ask?

ID: 1346920

5. They’re fluffy, docile, handheld newborns

ID: 1346707

6. They’re always down to play a little

ID: 1346728

7. They’re great help around the house…

ID: 1346733

8. …and in the kitchen.

ID: 1346741

9. Specialty in burritos.

ID: 1346772

10. They only act up in self-defense…

ID: 1346750

11. … “self-defense” …

ID: 1346784

12. … “self-defense” …?

ID: 1347319

13. Okay, pups. You’ve made your point.

ID: 1347312

14. They have a great human-like sense of humor

If you can’t enjoy a puppy with a farting joke, I’ve lost faith in humanity.

ID: 1346801

15. They also wax a fabulous set of eyebrows

ID: 1346810

16. They’re not afraid to display their talents

ID: 1346817

17. And they’re certainly not afraid to be themselves.

ID: 1346827

18. So, at the end of the day…

ID: 1346848

19. Won’t you please choose Team Puppies?

ID: 1346838

20. ….or else.

ID: 1346832

21. Next up… TEAM BABIES!

ID: 1346886

22. So, why are babies in fact cuter than puppies?

ID: 1346904

23. Adventure is their middle name.

ID: 1346869

24. They double as Super Sayans…

ID: 1346870

25. …And they also double as spies.

ID: 1346933

26. But seriously. They do.

ID: 1346958

27. They even double as puppies sometimes…?

ID: 1347072

28. They’re hygienic…

ID: 1346985

29. Not to mention, resourceful…

ID: 1347001

30. …And are hardly picky.

ID: 1347019

31. Really, they’ll eat anything!

ID: 1347026

32. Anything.

ID: 1347086

33. They’ve got the moves like Jagger

…not to mention, Mick was a baby once himself.

ID: 1347040

34. They’re very easily pleased…

ID: 1347050

35. …each with a distinct personality of their own…

ID: 1347055

36. …but so much love to give.

ID: 1347143

37. So, please, won’t you choose Team Babies?

ID: 1347124

38. Perhaps puppies and babies are best when they’re together…

ID: 1347203

39. …but the rivalry will always remain.

ID: 1347222

40. …so, are you Team Babies or Team Puppies?

ID: 1346992

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