The ABCs Of “One Tree Hill”

The best rendition of the alphabet there is.

1. A is for Art

“Your art matters.”

ID: 1813584

2. B is for the Boy Toy Auction

“Where’s that emergency 20? Come on. Where are you?”

ID: 1813591

3. C is for Clean Teens

“They should have a new slogan. ‘We break hearts, not hymens.’”

ID: 1813636

4. D is for “Don’t Say I Never Gave You Anything.”

“It’s for you.”

ID: 1814359

5. E is for the Eighties Episode

“Who’s your favorite director?” “John Hughes. His movies were about the struggle that every teenager goes through. Talk about clear vision.”

ID: 1817619

6. F is for Friends With Benefit

“What about you? Do you have any beneficial friends?”

ID: 1814332

7. G is for Gavin DeGraw

“I don’t want to be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be lately.”

ID: 1813645

8. H is for Honeygrove’s Prom

“Honey Grove, Texas. Please Come. Need Ass”

ID: 1813652

9. I is for I Shall Believe

Via Netflix

“Please say, honestly, you won’t give up on me. And I shall believe.”

ID: 1817758

10. J is for the Julius Caesar book

“There is a tide in the affairs of men.”

ID: 1813697

11. K is for Karen’s Café

“Somebody told me that this is the place where everything’s better and everything’s safe.”

ID: 1813736

12. L is for Love Triangle

“Love triangles are sooo high school.”

ID: 1813739

13. M is for Maxim

“They’re looking for Tree Hill’s hometown hottie.”

ID: 1817556

14. N is for the NBA

“I’m in the NBA. Thank you. Thank you for believing in me.”

ID: 1813747

15. O is for Only One Tree Hill

“In your life, you’re going to go to some great places, and you’re going to do some wonderful things. But no matter where you go, or who you become, this place will always be with you. “

ID: 1814295

16. P is for Poncho

“I remember the ugly ass poncho that you wore.”

ID: 1813773

17. Q is for Quotes

“Just remember, don’t let him take it. Your talent.”

ID: 1817701

18. R is for the Rivercourt

“A lot of lost kids found their way to something better in this park. In a confusing world, at a confusing time in their lives, they found something that made sense here. And they became better people because of it.”

ID: 1813789

19. S is for State Championship

“This is about driving into Tree Hill in the middle of the night and seeing your headlights splash that sign—‘Welcome to Tree Hill, Home of the Ravens, North Carolina State Basketball Champions.’ It gives me chills just thinking about it.”

ID: 1813810

20. T is for Tric

“Remember what you were doing 10 years ago when Tric opened?”

ID: 1813819

21. U is for An Unkindness of Ravens

“So Luke, what are ravens? I mean, you know, more than one?”

ID: 1813822

22. V is for Victoria Davis

“Bitchtoria is getting soft.”

ID: 1817728

23. W is for “When The Stars Go Blue”

“Where do you go when you’re lonely? Where do you go when you’re blue?”

ID: 1813867

24. X is for Xavier Daniels

“Can he change? I hope so. But has he? No, I don’t think he has. And I don’t think he will.”

ID: 1814250

25. Y is for Yearbook Pictures

“Today I spent an hour with Brooke Davis, and I learned something. People are gonna label you, it’s how you overcome those labels. That’s what matters”

ID: 1817972

26. Z is for a Zillion Reasons to Watch the Show

“Tree Hill is still there and the characters are still doing what they do; we just don’t have the good fortune of being able to see them every week.”

ID: 1817874

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