25 Amazing Gingerbread Houses

Which one looks the most yummy to eat?

1. This Vietnamese Gingerbread Resort

ID: 743748

2. This Gingerbread Brownstone

ID: 744338

3. This Modern Gingerbread House

ID: 743652

4. This Tower Bridge Gingerbread House

ID: 743661

5. This Gingerbread Trailer

ID: 743664

6. This Cute Little Ginger-Tree House

ID: 743668

7. This Ginger-Ranch

ID: 743669

8. This Ginger-Cabin Made of Pretzel Sticks

ID: 743792

9. This Blue Victorian Gingerbread House

ID: 743676

10. This Ginger-City

ID: 743678

11. This Sporty Ginger-Stadium modeled after Fenway Park

ID: 743679

12. This Adorable Little Gingerbread Village Crafted out of Graham Crackers

ID: 743743

13. This Ginger-Castle

ID: 743798

14. This Gingerbread House modeled after St.Basil’s Cathedral

ID: 743803

15. This Tropical Gingerbread Tiki House

ID: 743804

16. This Ginger-Boat

ID: 743813

17. This Parisian Themed Gingerbread Eiffel Tower

ID: 743816

18. This New York City Themed Gingerbread Creation

ID: 743825

19. This Socially Relevant “Occupy North Pole” Gingerbread House

ID: 743827

20. These Mini-Gingerbread Houses that Perch on the edge of your Mug

ID: 743836

21. This Snowy Gingerbread Community

ID: 744347

22. This Snowy Gingerbread Chapel

ID: 744353

23. This Gingerbread version of Austin’s Broken Spoke bar.

ID: 745136

24. Or this one of the Salt Lick BBQ.

ID: 745139

25. Both are part of this Gingerbread village in lobby of the the Four Season’s Austin.

Read more about it here

ID: 745159

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