Kyle Kinane Gets In Hilarious Feud With Fake Salsa Company Twitter Account

Last night, things got extra spicy between comedian Kyle Kinane and a fake Pace Food Company Twitter account. Too bad Pace Food isn’t actually on Twitter.

1. This is comedian Kyle Kinane. Needless to say, he’s a pretty funny guy.

ID: 2064181

2. This Is “The Original” Bottle Of Pace Picante Sauce. Needless to say, its delicious with tortillas.

ID: 2064188

3. Last night, a Twitter account called @Pace_Foods began favoriting everything Kinane said about Pace Picante sauce.

ID: 2064542

4. Okay, one more.

ID: 2064822

5. Kinane called out the account, so “employees” tried issuing their deepest apology.

ID: 2064614

6. Tensions began to rise as Eric, someone claiming to be a Pace employee demanded Kinane remove his offensive tweets.

ID: 2064736

7. Miles, the generous “Pace employee” who ran the Twitter, offered to give Kinane free salsas of his choice.

ID: 2064623

8. Eric and Sharon, also claiming to be employees, took over the Twitter but Kinane wanted justice.

ID: 2064787

9. Miles was eventually “fired,” and he was obviously devastated.

ID: 2064579

10. Kinane felt terrible and started the hashtag #BringBackMiles.

ID: 2064806

11. The “Pace Foods company” Twitter has since been deleted and there’s been no sign of Miles’ whereabouts.

ID: 2064882

12. The “Picante-Kinane Feud” is already on the company’s Wikipedia page.

Here’s the link. You’re welcome.

ID: 2064513

13. Sadly, it’s come to light that this was all one big hoax.

ID: 2066725

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