21 Inspiring Feminist Messages From American University Students

“I need feminism because my ambition shouldn’t be a turnoff.”

Via Maia Waxman

Phi Sigma Sigma-Beta Upsilon, a sorority at American University, began the “Why YOU Need Feminism” campaign to provide a platform where students can voice their thoughts on how powerful feminism can be.

Julia Reinstein, a 20-year old junior at AU, told BuzzFeed in an email that the project was mapped out by Phi Sig sister Maia Waxman before the university’s secret fraternity email controversy came to light. But Reinstein said the project couldn’t have had better timing.

“We planned to do this project before the [Epsilon Iota] emails came out… Even though it was just a coincidence, this project could not have happened at a better time. EI is not a Greek organization,” she said. “Referring to them as a fraternity demeans real sororities and fraternities which are built on bettering ourselves and our communities through values and friendship.”

Here are 21 photos featured in their project:

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