Watch A Super Shy Brad Pitt In This 1990 Interview

It’s like he was a completely different person.

1. Here is a (relatively unknown at the time) Brad Bitt doing an interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote his short-lived TV show, Glory Days in 1990.

Glory Days would only last six episodes before getting the chop from Fox, sadly.

ID: 2555420

2. Pitt, who is 26 years old here, is a tad, shall we say, awkward.

He doesn’t really like his character’s name of “Walker Lovejoy” and is a little shy when asked about his career goals. When asked asked if he is “Shy or just private?” he answers, “Everything.”

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3. Anyway, can we talk about this hat and paisley bandana combo? WTF?

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4. And the earring? So. ’90s.

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5. He’s basically dressed like a villain from Surf Ninjas. A shy, awkward villain.

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6. Good thing he finally came out of his shell!

Mike Blake / Reuters
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7. Check out this amazingly awkward interview:

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