12 Celebrities Whose Facial Hair Is Worse Than Yours

Because sometimes growing facial hair is a scruff business.

1. Keanu Reeves

Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

This looks like he got his hair trimmed, glued the trimmings to his face, and now the glue is melting.

ID: 1927966

2. James Franco

Jemal Countess / Via Getty Images

I think his facial hair is some sort of performance art that none of us get.

ID: 1928265

3. Justin Timberlake

Mike Brown / Via Getty Images

That beard is bringing unsexy back.

ID: 1928323

4. Brad Pitt

Chris Jackson / Via Getty Images

The obvious comment is that his beard is the “Pitts,” but here are a few other options:
World War buZz Your Face
Killing Them Softly With This Beard
12 Years to Shave
Razor Burn After Shaving

ID: 1928861

5. Shia LaBeouf

Michael Loccisano / Via Getty Images

I think what is worse than the beard is that shirt and tie combo.

ID: 1928868

6. Adam Brody

Jason Kempin / Via Getty Images

I guess “O.C.” stands for “Oh, you want me to shave? Can’t.”

ID: 1928928

7. Spencer Pratt

David Becker


He needs to disappear in general, but let’s start with that beard, shall we?

ID: 1928949

8. Michael Cera

Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images


ID: 1932606

9. Daniel Craig

Jemal Countess / Via Getty Images

I’m sorry, but I was looking for badass Daniel Craig, not a bank manager from Manchester.

ID: 1932717

10. Emile Hirsch

Sean Gallup / Via Getty Images

Dude, you’re not filming Into the Wild anymore. Time to step Into the Shower and shave.

ID: 1933070

11. Daniel Radcliffe

Stuart C. Wilson / Via Getty Images

Can you use the Avada Kedavra curse on a beard?

ID: 1932878

12. Justin Bieber

Vivien Killilea / Via Getty Images

Is that even a mustache? Or was he drinking a root beer float?

ID: 1932862

Look, guys, I get it. I hate shaving, too. But facts are facts and most of us will never have a beard as handsome as this…

Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images
ID: 1933089

… Or a mustache as full and fitting as this.

Andrew H. Walker / Via Getty Images
ID: 1933110

Isn’t that right, Johnny Depp?

Dreamworks Pictures / Via neverforgotneverforgave.tumblr.com
ID: 1933344

Ahh, screw it. Patchy hair 4EVA!

Eamonn M. McCormack / Via Getty Images
ID: 1933383

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