What If The Sons Of Anarchy Cast Was Replaced With Birds?

Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter is no secret lover of birds, so why not see what the cast might look like if portrayed by their feathered brethren.

Golden Eagle

As both are the president of their respective kingdoms, neither is a face that you would want to piss off. Via


Both are loyal, yet unpredictable. Oh, and both love leather accoutrements. Via


There is a reason vultures are portrayed as villains; they look mean. The same could be said of Ron Perlman’s Clay Morrow. Like the vulture, all he wants is to be the last man standing. Via

Gemma as a…



Geese are crazy protective, and just like Gemma, will not shy away from a fight no matter the opponent. Don’t believe me? Check out the gif below. Via

Yep, that’s a goose chasing a gorilla. Gemma would be proud. Via


The wise, round council. Plus, they both love Elvis. Via

Chibs as an…


Irish Jay

Hailing from the Emerald Isle, the Irish Jay, like Chibs, has facial markings that are constant reminders of mistakes made and debts to be repaid. Wait, maybe that’s just Chibs. At least they’re both Irish, right?

This insane Emu

For anybody who watches the show, this photo pretty much sums up Tig’s essence. Via


All Tara wants is some peace and quiet and to raise her family without being in constant danger. Is that too much to ask, Golden Eagle Jax?


Both have weird mohawks, and both repeat things that they probably should not. Via

One-Eyed Eagle

This eagle is one of the most intimidating pictures I’ve ever seen, much like this gif: Via

Way to go, Otto. Even this bird is scared: Via

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