20 Incredible Used Books That Will Totally Change Your Life

Satan, and instructional manuals about teens, are all around us.

1. Teenager, Someone Does Care!

Julie Gerstein

According to the cover, problems facing teens include, hypodermic needles, wine glasses, and scourge of combination locks.

2. I Gave Dating A Chance

Julie Gerstein

The struggle.

3. Bear Attacks

Julie Gerstein

I don’t even need to read this book to know the causes of bear attacks: BEARS.

4. Misjudged

Julie Gerstein

Is Tony from the wrong side of the tracks? YOU BET.

5. Living Successfully In The ’90s

Peggy Wang

’90s power!

6. Get Out Of My Life

Peggy Wang

Teens. Teens. TEENS!

7. The Art of Cooking With Love and Wheat Germ

Peggy Wang

I don’t know, usually cooking with love means expressly not cooking with wheat germ.

8. Keep Calm You’re Only 40

Peggy Wang

Don’t start freaking out ‘til 45 or 50, max .

9. Feet Dipped In Oil

Peggy Wang

Not a recommended snack.

10. Life Would Be Easy If It Weren’t For Other People

Julie Gerstein


Author Connie Podesta’s passive aggressive love letter to her co-author Vicki Sanderson.

11. You Can Sell Anything By Telephone!

Julie Gerstein

Author Gary S. Goodman is very shy.

12. The Bait of Satan

Julie Gerstein

Basically Satan’s got it out for you, okay?

13. Listen To Me, Satan

Julie Gerstein

You could try arguing with him, I guess.

14. How To Defeat Demons

Julie Gerstein

But really you should just figure out a fighting method, instead.

15. Deer Hunting With Dalrymple

Julie Gerstein


16. The Truth About Herpes

Julie Gerstein

Herpes is a disease carried by wispy pastel ghosts.

17. How Not To Date A Loser

Julie Gerstein

Losers wear plaid shirts, cross their arms, and insist on faux hawks, still.

18. Backstreet Boys

Julie Gerstein

Right, Backstreet Boys?

19. If I Can, Y-Y-You Can!

Julie Gerstein

Neal Jeffrey is working on his stutter and also helping you improve your life.

20. Beagles

Julie Gerstein

Beagles, now with more beagles.

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