What Your Favorite Teen Movie Says About You

What’s your damage?

  1. Pick one:
    1. Paramount Pictures / Via
    2. Paramount Pictures / Via
      Mean Girls
    3. Universal Pictures / Via
      The Breakfast Club
    1. Paramount Pictures / Via
      Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    2. Miramax Films / Via
      She’s All That
    3. Warner Bros. / Via
      Empire Records
    1. Columbia Pictures / Via
      Cruel Intentions
    2. Universal Studios / Via
      Fast Times At Ridgemont High
    3. Universal Pictures / Via
      Sixteen Candles
    1. 20th Century Fox / Via
      Say Anything…
    2. AIP / Via
      Cooley High
    3. New World Pictures / Via
    1. DreamWorks / Via
      She’s The Man
    2. Paramount Pictures / Via
      Pretty In Pink
    3. Touchstone Pictures / Via
      10 Things I Hate About You
    1. Summit Entertainment / Via
      The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
    2. 20th Century Fox / Via
    3. Screen Gems / Via
      Easy A
    1. 20th Century Fox / Via
      Drive Me Crazy
    2. Universal Pictures / Via
      American Pie
    3. Columbia Pictures / Via
      Can’t Hardly Wait
    1. Buena Vista Pictures / Via
    2. Universal Pictures / Via
      Bring It On
    3. 20th Century Fox / Via
      Never Been Kissed
    1. Gramercy Pictures / Via
      Dazed And Confused
    2. Columbia Pictures / Via
    3. Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via
      Napoleon Dynamite
    1. Columbia Pictures / Via
      Not Another Teen Movie
    2. Warner Bros. / Via
      A Cinderella Story
    3. Warner Bros. / Via
      Rebel Without A Cause

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