17 Reasons Why “My So-Called Life” Like Totally Deserves A Reunion Season

The one-season ’90s cult classic premiered exactly 20 years ago today. And it’s about time it gets the Girl Meets World treatment.

1. If Angela was this poetic in high school, imagine what she’s doing as a thirtysomething.

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2. Seriously, how many TV characters do you know that were this existential?


Did she go on to be a philosophy/English major at a top-ranking liberal arts school? Did she win a Pulitzer? The world needs to know.

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3. Did Angela and Rayanne ever patch things up?


Their complex friendship came to a near-abrupt end and that is NOT ok.

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4. Because Rayanne incited some of the best conversations Angela had.

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5. And what about Jordan Catalano? Did he ever end up overcoming his dyslexia?


Fantasy plot twist: He quit Frozen Embryos, went to college and grad school, and now owns a successful startup.

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6. We also obviously we need to know what happened between Angela and Jordan.


Doubtful they got married and lived happily after ever, but still — what went down??? * munches popcorn *

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8. Or did she end up with Brian???

Dude was SO into her.

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9. They could so totally be in love and have three kids and we’ll never know for sure.

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10. Most importantly, adults and teens alike can always benefit from Angela’s innermost thoughts.

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11. Because the world could use more of Angela Chase’s pro-feminist wisdom.

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12. And Sharon’s unbridled sass.

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13. And Brian’s delightful cynicism.

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14. And Rickie’s boundless sensitivity and compassion.

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15. This show understood you.

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16. And it never judged you.

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17. And everyone’s lives would be better with a second season.

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