The 8 Most Memorable Prop Joe Moments From "The Wire"

Robert F. Chew, best known as The Wire‘s Proposition Joe, died Thursday.

1. “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met.”

ID: 821678

2. “Keep It Boring, String.”

ID: 821680

3. “More Bodies On Him Than A Chinese Cemetery.”

ID: 821682

4. “It’s Like Them Birds Of Yours.”

ID: 821683

5. “This is Sydney Handjerker With Handjerker, Cohen & Bromburg.”

ID: 821686

6. “For a cold-assed crew of gangsters, y’all carried it like Republicans”

ID: 821690

7. “Just at this moment, I manage to crawl out my own damn grave.”

ID: 821691

8. BONUS: A Great Scene From ‘The Corner’

ID: 821696

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