Reporter Tells Volunteers Looking For Missing Girl That Girl May Be Dead On Live TV

A heartbreaking and awkward moment. One viewer calls Sky News’ Kay Burley the most “hateful sociopath in journalism.”

5-year-old Welsh girl April Jones went missing four days ago. Officials announced Friday that they believe she was murdered.

Reporter Kay Burley, on the scene with a volunteer search party, decided to spread the tragic news.

Horrified reactions to Burley came quickly after the incident aired:

"She also works part time as Death" - Kay Burley's Wikipedia page right now:

— flashboy (@Tom Phillips)

We're not saying Kay Burley is the most hateful sociopath in journalism, just that we have no idea where to look for someone worse than her

— newsthump (@News Thump)

Kay Burley: Insensitive bordering on cruel. Is breaking news so important that you have to forget your humanity?

— tom_watson (@tom_watson)

Maybe Kay Burley should be told of her sacking live on Sky News and then asked how she feels

— PaulSilburn (@Paul Silburn)

Hopefully 5th October 2062 will also be the 50th anniversary of Kay Burley being gently lowered into an active volcano.

— profanityswan (@Andy Dawson)

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