Reporter Tells Volunteers Looking For Missing Girl That Girl May Be Dead On Live TV

A heartbreaking and awkward moment. One viewer calls Sky News’ Kay Burley the most “hateful sociopath in journalism.” posted on

5-year-old Welsh girl April Jones went missing four days ago. Officials announced Friday that they believe she was murdered.

Reporter Kay Burley, on the scene with a volunteer search party, decided to spread the tragic news.

Horrified reactions to Burley came quickly after the incident aired:

Kay Burley is horrendous. She just broke the news to villagers that it was now a murder inquiry and asked for their reaction LIVE ON AIR.

For those wondering how Kay Burley sleeps at night. It’s hanging upside down by her talons, in a lair after feasting on unicorn steak.

"She also works part time as Death" - Kay Burley's Wikipedia page right now:" target="_blank">">

We're not saying Kay Burley is the most hateful sociopath in journalism, just that we have no idea where to look for someone worse than her

Kay Burley: Insensitive bordering on cruel. Is breaking news so important that you have to forget your humanity?

Maybe Kay Burley should be told of her sacking live on Sky News and then asked how she feels

Hopefully 5th October 2062 will also be the 50th anniversary of Kay Burley being gently lowered into an active volcano.

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