The Israeli Airstrike On Gaza In Photos And Tweets

In response to rocket strikes targeting its south region, Israel on Wednesday launched its most intense barrage on Gaza in the last four years, killing 10, including a Hamas military commander and two children. The Israel Defense Forces tweeted updates from the operation. Hamas’ military wing tweeted back. Warning: Some graphic images. posted on

The IDF has begun a widespread campaign on terror sites & operatives in the #Gaza" target="_blank">">#Gaza Strip, chief among them #Hamas" target="_blank">">#Hamas & Islamic Jihad targets.

SAID KHATIB / Getty Images

The first target, hit minutes ago, was Ahmed Al-Jabari, head of the #Hamas" target="_blank">">#Hamas military wing:…" target="_blank">">…

MAHMUD HAMS / Getty Images
MAHMUD HAMS / Getty Images

Al Qassam mourns the death of its top leader Ahmed Jabari who has been assassinated by #Israeli" target="_blank">">#Israeli drones in #Gaza" target="_blank">">#Gaza #Hamas" target="_blank">">#Hamas

MOHAMMED ABED / Getty Images

The body of Ahmed-Al Jabari.

There are 2 main goals of this IDF operation: to protect Israeli civilians and to cripple the terrorist infrastructure in the #Gaza" target="_blank">">#Gaza Strip.

MOHAMMED ABED / Getty Images

Mourners at the hospital.

MOHAMMED ABED / Getty Images

All options are on the table. If necessary, the IDF is ready to initiate a ground operation in Gaza.

MAHMUD HAMS / Getty Images

We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.

@idfspokesperson Our blessed hands will reach your leaders and soldiers wherever they are (You Opened Hell Gates on Yourselves)

SAID KHATIB / Getty Images

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