Surviving Winter Storm Nemo, As Told Through "Finding Nemo" GIFs

A blizzard is a comin’ to the Northeast. And its name is NEMO.

1. The forecast says it’s going to snow — a lot. Between 10–14 inches! Which means… SNOW DAY.

ID: 869837

2. But your friends are concerned about it.

ID: 869838

3. And they start to cancel your weekend plans.

ID: 869833

4. You’re just like…

ID: 869835

5. Until you see the blizzard watch alert.

ID: 869834


ID: 870051


ID: 869939

8. Stock up on food! Batteries! Candles!

ID: 869873

9. The next morning, it’s snowing like CRAZY. And you could watch it for HOURS.

ID: 869831

10. But that gets boring fast. And your internet is spotty, and you’re starting to go a little crazy.

ID: 869883

11. A fight breaks out between your roommates over the Cheez-It supply.

ID: 869836

12. And the storm is getting worse!

ID: 870109

13. You begin to wonder if you’ll be trapped in your apartment FOREVER.

ID: 869830

14. But of course, you survive the night.

ID: 870279

15. PHEW.

ID: 869904

16. Then you look outside. Where there’s two feet of snow on the ground. And you still. Can’t. Leave.

ID: 869880

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