Rapper Drunk-Tweets "YOLO," Then Dies In Car Crash Minutes Later

One week later, Ervin McKinness’ friends are trying to clear his name — he wasn’t the driver — and draw attention to the amateur rapper’s YouTube account.

McKinness (left).

According to The Sun, Ervin McKinness, 21, an aspiring rapper who also went by the name Inkyy — died alongside four other men shortly after tweeting this. The driver of their 2005 Nissan Sentra had ran a red light and slammed into a wall. (McKinness was not the driver.)

Technically, though, McKinness’ last tweet was responding to a friend who asked where he was.

It now appears someone has taken over McKinness’ Twitter account to try and clear his name.

@Jamesick @CENNAZAVEH3AVY mad krazy how people are pointing the finger at the wrong person.

— ink2flashyy (@2.7.5 Inkyy )

ppl are pointing da finger at da wrong person. THANK GOD dont have da heart to mentally scar more. video 2am by @ink2flashyy 4m backseat

— ink2flashyy (@2.7.5 Inkyy )

Friends have also taken over his YouTube account, re-uploading McKinness’ songs.

It’s worked. A video Inkyy uploaded five months ago now has more than 25,000 views.

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