Huge Line For Free Vibrators In NYC Broken Up By Cops

Trojan’s 10,000-vibrator giveaway was a major letdown for dozens of New Yorkers in the Flatiron district.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

This is the Pleasure Cart. On Wednesday and Thursday, Trojan aims to use the cart to give out 10,000 vibrators across New York City. Wednesday, it was temporarily stationed in the Flatiron district, near BuzzFeed’s offices. Our own staffers on the ground said the line was 50 or 60 people deep when the stunt was broken up by police and the mayor’s office. Apparently, the Pleasure Cart didn’t have a permit. Of course, the saga also unfolded on Twitter.

The anticipation!

The line!

And the letdown.

So much for that, the cops shut the cart down, don't know how many ppl got their vibrators before nazi #nycpolice stomped on our excitement.

— Lucky13Queen (@Melody Anthropy)

No! Police shut down the free vibrator line!

— eyemusing (@Eye Doñiego deFrance)

Trojan tried to give away a few thousand free vibrators at 22nd and 5th ave but police shut it down due to lack or permit. Line was HUGE.

— radstam (@Jonathan Hinderliter)

Went up the block to get my free vibrator courtesy of Trojan..and the man shut them down cu apparently they has thousands of people in line

— __BrittBrat__ (@Brittany )

But ah, there is still hope!

Free Vibrators Now at Bryant Park NYC

— Aladinoshow (@Alain Bin Naim)

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