How To Make The World’s Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee

Thailand’s new Black Ivory Coffee brew costs $50 per serving. The process is, um, fascinating.

1. First, pick the beans.

A member of the Lisu hill tribe picks Thai arabica coffee beans at the Thai High coffee farm in Phrao.

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3. Then mix them with fruit and rice.

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5. Now feed the mixture to an elephant.

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7. Yum!

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8. Play!

(15-30 hours later…)

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9. PLOP.

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10. Let’s get started.

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11. Pick the beans from the poop.

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13. Then wash the beans …

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14. roast and brew them …

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15. … And voila! Coffee naturally refined by a Thai elephant.

About 10,000 beans produce 1 kilogram of Black Ivory Coffee — 33 kilograms produce one kilo of the beverage.

The cost per serving ends up being $50, making it the world’s new most expensive brew.

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All photos by Paula Bronstein for Getty.

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