Giant Wire Man Going Up In Flames Is Apparently The Worst Thing To Ever Happen In Dallas

An electrical fire on Friday took out Big Tex, the Texas State Fair’s beloved 52-foot-tall mascot. A state mourns the 60-year-old icon. posted on

1. Big Tex in 1956:

2. Big Tex in 2010:

LM Otero, File / AP

3. Big Tex today, as the electrical fire begins:

LM Otero / AP

11. Obviously, all of Texas is in mourning:

Adios, Big Tex. You were as big as you were Texan. You will be missed." target="_blank">">

Big Tex was always chilling bro…Never had no problems with anybody…

Big Tex most likely died of natural causes according to DPD source. Mechanical problem not a homicide. #RIPBigTex" target="_blank">">#RIPBigTex

Everyone thinks its hilarious that big tex is on fire.... Like no... It's sad #heartless" target="_blank">">#heartless

Rest in Peace Big Tex.... Sad day for all Texans." target="_blank">">

Its a sad sad day in Dallas. Our version of the Hollywood sign, BIG TEX, burned down this morning :( And the fried food jokes are cruel.

Say it ain't so!! Big Tex caught on fire? How did this happen? I'm so sad now!

Big tex caught on fire. Brb crying. #RIPBIGTEX" target="_blank">">#RIPBIGTEX

26. And then there are these people…

holy crap, 9/11 of the Texas State Fair? #BigTex" target="_blank">">#BigTex

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