Everything You Need To Know About Butt-Chugging

Is butt-chugging the new bath salts? No. Sorry, Media Hysteria, but not even close. (WARNING: Graphic images. It’s about butt-chugging, so, you know.)

This is butt-chugging.

ID: 609187

A still from 2006’s Jackass Number Two.

ID: 609351

A butt chugger is one who consumes alcohol through his or her anus. The vessel for this alcohol enema can be a funnel or soaked tampon. (The latter is called “slimming.”)

ID: 609190

Look disgusting? There’s a point to it! Alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream faster through your rectum than through your mouth.

ID: 609442

Also, you don’t get the smell of alcohol on your breath. Clearly, young people love it. And they’ve been doing it for a while now…

ID: 609220

8. Butt-chugging in 2007:

ID: 609417

9. “The Doctors” segment on butt-chugging in 2008:

ID: 609463

10. Butt-chugging in 2010:

ID: 609318

As you can see, there’s nothing new about butt-chugging. It was even a plot point on CSI in 2008.

ID: 609225

And Law & Order: SVU in 2011.

ID: 609700

But every so often, someone is hospitalized by alcohol poisoning via butt-chugging, and the nation (and Anderson Cooper) is captivated by this craaazy new trend.

Here, the headlines after an alleged butt-chugging University of Tennessee student was sent to the hospital early Saturday morning…

ID: 609189

16. Business Insider:

ID: 609455

17. Examiner:

ID: 609556

18. Gothamist:

ID: 609557

19. The Week:

ID: 609842

20. National News Wire:

ID: 609555

Let’s take this unfortunate opportunity to set the record straight: There is nothing “new” or “hot” about this “fad.” As long as there have been bad ideas, there has been butt-chugging…

ID: 609451

22. Woodchug:

Illustrations by John Gara.

ID: 609956

23. Prohibition butt chug:

ID: 609958

24. Four score and seven chugs ago:

ID: 609957

25. Ye Olde Butt Chug:

ID: 609959

In conclusion: Nothing to see here. Move along. Butt-chugging kills.

ID: 609452

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