9 Rancid Things You Can Get At Trump’s Vegas Hotel Steakhouse

Health inspectors reportedly found 51 violations at DJT, briefly shutting down the restaurant. Duck is best served after five months of storage, right?

1. Expired black bean chili

ID: 700226

2. Undercooked halibut and salmon

ID: 700222

3. Old yogurt

ID: 700227

4. Duck dated back to June

ID: 700228

5. Two-week-old veal stock

ID: 700229

6. Expired peanut sauce

ID: 700237

7. Improperly thawed raw tuna

ID: 700225

8. Old tomato sauce

ID: 700224

9. Month-old caviar

ID: 700230

The Trump International Hotel’s signature restaurant reopened Nov. 2 with a restored “A” health code grade, the AP reports.

(All photos via Shutterstock.)

ID: 700259

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