8 Washi Tape Projects To Make Back-To-School Less Traumatizing

Sure, summer is over. But that doesn’t mean you can’t win at going back to school with these awesome washi tape DIYs. / Via Design Aglow

Customize your keyboard with this washi tape tutorial from Design Aglow. / Via Design*Sponge

Those pictures in your locker of One Direction and Liam Hemsworth deserve the royal treatment with washi tape frames. / Via Punk Projects

Filling in bubbles on standardized tests will suck so much less with some washi tape pencils. / Via One Artsy Mama

Why shouldn’t your Calculus notebook look awesome? You’ve got brains and style. / Via Pocket Full of Pink

Be that much more commanding in all of your extracurriculars with a washi tape clipboard. / Via Life with Lovebugs

These easy peasy bookmarks will keep your books safe and the librarian’s death stare off of you. / Via Just Lu

Your roommate might be crazy, but at least you can make your dorm lightswitch covers fun. / Via My Chic Life

You’ve staked out the best table at the coffeehouse, right next to an outlet. You’re ready for a day of paper writing, but you can never find the charger in the bottom of your bag. Solve that problem with a stand-out washi tape charger.

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