The Funniest Quotes In Sports History

Intentional or not, these are the quotes that made people laugh.

1. Charles Barkley On Whether He Had Any Regrets About Throwing A Bar Patron Through A First-Floor Window

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2. Steve Spurrier On A Fire At The Auburn Football Player’s Dorm That Burned 20 Books

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3. Ricky Henderson On A Report That 50% Of Baseball Players Use Steroids

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4. Tug McGraw On Whether He Prefers Astroturf Or Grass

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5. Shaq On Whether Or Not He Went To The Parthenon While In Greece

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6. George Best On How He Spent His Money

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7. Bob Ueker On The End Of His Career

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8. Tom Treblehorn On The Chicago Cubs

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9. Antoine Walker On Why He Takes So Many Threes

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10. Metta World Peace On His Coach Mike Brown

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11. Marv Levy On Whether A Game Was A Must Win

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12. Yogi Berra On Baseball

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13. Texas A&M Coach Shelby Metcalf On A Player Who Had A Report Card With Four “F’s” And A “D”

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14. Phil Rizzuto On Baseball Today

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15. Greg Norman On His Family

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ID: 427943

16. Shaq On Money

(Phoenix Suns)

ID: 427954

17. Rocky Graziano On Education

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ID: 427960

18. Rich Donnelly On The Worst Team He Ever Managed

ID: 428752

19. Vitas Gerulaitis On Beating Jimmy Connors After Losing 16 Straight Matches To Him

ID: 428886

20. Joe Garagiola On His Playing Days

Associated Press / AP
ID: 428819

21. Martina Navratilova On Her Career

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ID: 428869

22. Serena Williams On Her Skills As A Fashion Designer

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ID: 428949

23. Kobe Bryant On Missing Three Free Throws At The End Of A Win In 2011

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