The Biggest Hipsters In Sports

They play these things called “sports.” You’ve probably never heard of them.

1. James Harden — Oklahoma City Thunder

James has another beard under that one. But you have to know somebody to see it.

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2. Russell Westbrook — Oklahoma City Thunder

Russell technically plays point guard, but he really feels like we’ve moved “beyond positions, man.”

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3. Nick Fairley — Detroit Lions

Nick is really excited about Detroit. It’s where all the real artists are these days.

ID: 241557

4. Baron Davis — New York Knicks

Baron Davis plays for the Knicks, but his heart is with his pick up team that only plays games early in the morning at abandoned schools.

ID: 241568

5. Kevin Durant — Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin always wears a backpack so he can carry around his favorite Times New Viking LPs.

ID: 241510

6. Rajon Rondo — Boston Celtics

Rajon is disappointed by the lack of bike paths in Boston.

ID: 241560

7. Von Miller — Denver Broncos

Von was sick of Tim Tebow way before you were.

ID: 241553

8. Joe Maddon — Tampa Bay Rays

He coaches this great team. You’ve probably never heard of them*.

*If you live in Tampa.

ID: 241570

9. Amare Stoudemire — New York Knicks

Amare hates how mainstream having two working knees is.

ID: 241583

10. Serena Williams — Tennis

Serena’s gotten really into photography. No she doesn’t have a real camera, but her Instagram photos are stunning.

ID: 241615

11. David Beckham — Los Angeles Galaxy

He’s married to a Spice Girl ironically.

ID: 241992

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