San Francisco 49ers Who Appeared In An “It Gets Better” Video, Deny Ever Being In An “It Gets Better” Video

But I’m watching the video. You’re totally there…

After Chris Culliver’s controversial comments about gays in the NFL, USA Today talked to 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks about his role in the 49ers’ “It Gets Better” video.

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John Froschauer / AP
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4. The reporter from USA Today told Brooks that he had seen the video, but Brooks didn’t back down.

Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP
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5. And then he was shown the video:

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6. Brooks’ response:

Tom Gannam / AP
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7. The reporter pressed Brooks, reminding him of studies that highlight how prevalent teenage bullying over sexual identity is, to which Brooks responded…

Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP
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8. When the reporter went to Isaac Sopoaga (who also appears in the video), another teammate Will Tukuafu stepped in.

NFL via Getty Images / Getty Images
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9. Sopoaga did just what Brooks did. He denied it…

Jeff Chiu / AP
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10. And then he was shown the video:

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Justin Edmonds / Getty Images
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12. He was told it was to help prevent bullying against teens due to their sexual orientation.

Photo by Ezra Shaw / Getty Images
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13. I wonder what Chris Culliver would think about all this…

Nhat V. Meyer/San Jose Mercury News / MCT
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