Barack Obama Aid Has Lucky Iowa-Shaped Chip

You probably thought the president was going to be upstaged by the Republican caucuses in Iowa. Well his tumblr is here to tell you that you are dead wrong.

“Four years ago today, a member of our team found a potato chip—a Baked Lay, precisely—in his lunch that looked suspiciously like the state of Iowa.

Today, Barack Obama is president. And the chip, having traveled with our teammate to every job and town he’s lived in, currently resides in a Tupperware container in his desk. Today seemed like the appropriate day to tell the entire internet about this.”

So If I’m reading this right, the question for today is: Which Republican campaign found a Baked Lay that looks like Iowa? Well obviously the only time people eat Baked Lays is when they go to Subway, the world’s foremost proprietor of sub-par potato chips.

3. And the Romney sons were spotted eating Subway today…

4. But then again…

5. Does anyone know what Ron Paul is eating today?

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