Award-Winning Sports Photo Disqualified For Crappy Photoshopping

Whose arm isn’t all weird like that?

This photo taken by The Washington Post’s Tracy Woodward was given an Award of Excellence in the 2013 White House News Photographers Association’s ‘Eyes of History’ photo contest. It’s pretty great, right?

ID: 941063
Tracy Woodward/Washington Post
ID: 940905

3. There’s only one problem. Look how weird the edge of the wrestler’s arm looks.

ID: 941078

4. I wonder why his arm has all that weird… IT’S BECAUSE A MAN WAS ERASED FROM HISTORY. (Or at least this photo.)

Tracy Woodward/Washington Post
ID: 940916

Altering photographs for the contest was expressly prohibited. The Post released the following statement:

ID: 941121

Once Post editors saw that it had been altered from what had originally been published in The Post, we withdrew the photo from consideration. The Post’s ethics policy prohibits the manipulation of photographs, and we have taken action in accordance with that policy.

ID: 941122

No word on how the ref has handled being erased from space and time, nor whether the experience was gradual (like Marty McFly in Back to the Future) or all at once like Lou Bega from our collective consciousness.

ID: 941168

H/T DL Cade at Petapixel.

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