Artist Injected Herself With Horse Blood To Feel More Like A Horse

Two French performance artists, Marion Laval-Jeantet and Benoît Mangin, put together a piece called “Que le cheval vive en moi” (May the horse live in me). The two have “been exploring trans-species relationships and the questioning of scientific methods and tools for 20 years now.” Because why not? Awesome. Photos, video, and more info inside.

To perform this piece successfully Marion Laval-Jeantet had to slowly build up her tolerance to foreign animal bodies so that she not go into anaphylactic shock when the transfusion occurred. The duo describes the piece thusly:

As a radical experiment whose long-term effects cannot be calculated, Que le cheval vive en moi questions the anthropocentric attitude inherent to our technological understanding. Instead of trying to attain “homeostasis,” a state of physiological balance, with this performance, the artists sought to initiate a process of “synthetic transi-stasis,” in which the only constant is continual transformation and adaptation. The performance represents a continuation of the centaur myth, that human-horse hybrid which, as “animal in human,” symbolizes the antithesis of the rider, who as human dominates the animal.

2. Here’s A Video Documenting The Performance

And Here Are Some Photos From The Piece

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