59 Reasons We’re Going To Miss “The Office”

Good-bye, Scranton.

Tonight The Office finishes up its ninth and final season. Over the last nine years, that little paper company and its employees have been a source of swoons, joy, and, of course, laughs. Here are 59 reasons we will miss Scranton’s finest.

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1. It taught us the pleasure of a good prank.

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2. And of a great prank.

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3. And of a totally crazy but absolutely amazing prank.

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4. It perfectly captured the worst TV-watching experience ever.

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5. It taught us unconventional ways to save a cat during a fire.

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6. And what it’s like to go to prison.

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7. It showed us crazy new ways to gain people’s sympathy.

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8. And the coolest way to order a drink.

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9. The Office often said things we’ve all thought at some point in our lives.

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10. They often really hit the nail on the head.

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11. I mean, this is perfect.

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12. Sometimes characters’ private lives were delightfully hilarious.

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13. Or delightfully lacking in self-awareness.

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14. Sometimes characters were all too eager to share a little too much.

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15. The show was a great guide for how to talk to people you no longer want to date.

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16. And how not to make tea.

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17. The show taught us a foolproof way to tell if someone is gay.

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18. And the worst time to hook up with someone you don’t want to date seriously.

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19. Speaking of dating seriously…

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20. The Office was home to one of the greatest TV romances of all time.

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21. And though things haven’t always looked good for them…

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22. …and there were moments where it seemed like maybe one of them would give up…

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23. …they were always going to end up together.

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24. And it was their simple moments that will stick with us.

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25. But it wasn’t all romance.

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26. Sometimes it was nostalgic.

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27. Sometimes it was surprising.

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28. Sometimes it was educational about safety devices.

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29. And sometimes it was just about funny people being goofy.

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30. Other times it was about people who cared enough about each other to cheer each other up.

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31. Sometimes it was about real talk.

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32. Saying the things that some of us might not want to hear.

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33. And though the pranks would occasionally go to dark places…

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34. And some confessions would be disturbing.

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35. It was always rewarding when dreams came true.

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36. And even the seemingly least romantic of characters…

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37. …would eventually show their hearts.

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38. And though he’s been gone for a few seasons now, The Office also gave us one of the greatest TV characters of all time, Michael Scott.

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39. He was sometimes dumb.

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40. Sometimes nasty.

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41. And sometimes inappropriate.

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42. OK, often inappropriate.

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43. But at the end of the day, no one had a bigger heart than Michael Scott.

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Most of all we’ll miss The Office because of:

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44. Meredith Palmer

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45. Erin Hannon

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46. Phyllis Vance

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47. Ryan Howard

ID: 1180219

48. Kelly Kapoor

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49. Stanley Hudson

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50. Creed Bratton

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51. Andy Bernard

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52. Kevin Malone

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53. Oscar Martinez

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54. Darryl Philbin

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55. Angela Martin

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56. Dwight Schrute

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57. Pam and Jim Halpert

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58. And Michael Scott

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59. Or to put it all another way:

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P.S. Nobody will miss Toby.

(Just kidding, Toby.)

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