50 Cent Tried To Kiss Erin Andrews On TV, Got Friend-Zoned

This is the best thing to ever happen at the Daytona 500.

1. Today at the Daytona 500, Fox reporter Erin Andrews was doing pre-race interviews when 50 Cent spotted her. And then something glorious happened.

ID: 925941

2. Let’s watch that fabulous cheek-turn again.

ID: 925944

3. Her horrified face is really the best part.

ID: 925939

4. Oh wait. The best part is when she awkwardly tries to leave the situation while still interviewing him.

ID: 925940

5. And he follows her anyway.

ID: 925977

6. Well done, 50. Well done.

ID: 925978

7. Watch the wonderful, wonderful video here:

ID: 925956

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