30 Reasons Why Katy Perry Is The Best

Just in case you forgot, here’s why you should bow down to the Queen of Candyfornia.

1. She likes to have fun.

ID: 753880

2. She likes to shoot things out of her breasts.

ID: 753881

3. She knows what she wants.

ID: 753884

4. She looks hot even when she’s not trying.

ID: 753886

5. She actually eats.

ID: 753887

6. She has more number one hits than Britney Spears.

ID: 753888

7. She’s sexy without being skanky.

Take a hint Xtina.

ID: 753889

8. She’s not a diva.

ID: 753890

9. She’s good to people who are below her.

ID: 753893

10. She can actually sing.

Thumbs up for the guitar playing!

ID: 753894

11. Like seriously, her live shows are the best.

ID: 753900

12. She made this music video.

Which I haven’t stopped watching since 2010.

ID: 753901

13. She laughs off the criticism because she’s fabulous.

ID: 753902

“Bitch, please”

ID: 753903

14. She doesn’t take things too seriously…

ID: 753904

15. …Except for when she needs to.

ID: 753906

High fives for being a pretty crier.

ID: 753945

16. She’s classy.

ID: 753908

17. She works the hair flip.

Stop trying Rihanna.

ID: 753910

18. She can take a hit.

ID: 753913

19. She did this.

ID: 753914

20. And this.

ID: 753915

21. And this.

ID: 753916

22. She works out.

ID: 753919

23. She drives sick cars.

ID: 753920

24. She is full of wisdom.

ID: 753921

25. She hangs out with Elmo on the weekends.

ID: 753922

26. Her hair is a rainbow.

ID: 753923

27. She might even be an alien.

ID: 753930

28. She has achieved five #1 hits from one album.

“California Gurls”, “Teenage Dream”, “Firework”, “E.T.”, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”

These five songs have sold a total amount of over 25 million copies.

ID: 753932

(No other female artist has done that)

In fact, the only other artist to do that was Michael Jackson.

ID: 753933

29. But at the end of the day, it’s all about love.

ID: 753934

30. And that’s why Katy Perry is the Queen.

ID: 753935

The only problem is that we will never be as amazing as she is.

ID: 753938

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