A User’s Guide To The Best Swear In Every Language*

Your incomplete primer on the most colorful, offensive, and gloriously creative profanity in the world. *A motherfucking work in progress. So, obviously, contains NSFW language.

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Someone once said that swearing is the sure sign of a limited vocabulary.

That person was a dumb fucking shitpile.

Swearing isn’t just useful, it’s goddamn profound. If profanity isn’t just as rich and varied a form of cultural expression as food or visual art, then surely it is just as clear a window onto the priorities, fears, and tastes of the people who produce and use it. To be sure, it can be offensive, hurtful, even dangerous. But it is also almost always pants-shittingly hysterical.

And you dumb asswipes don’t know enough of it.

So in the interest of acknowledging this boundlessly creative, revealing, and disgusting human gift, I humbly present an abridged guide to the best swears in every language. A few notes before you dive in, although you’ll probably ignore them, you douchebag.

• You won’t find in here any epithets having to do with sexual orientation or ethnicity or misogyny. I intend this as a celebration of the depravity of human language, not its hatefulness.

• Where possible, I have included non-Latin scripts.

• This is obviously far, far, far from comprehensive. Please add your favorite swears below, and if they are in languages we don’t have (or are more compellingly and colorfully depraved than our choices in languages we do have), we’ll add them!

Enough silly bullshit. Enjoy, motherfuckers.

ID: 2745115

3. Afrikaans

Siug aan my aambeie en wag vir beter dae!: “Suck on my hemorrhoids and wait for better days!”

ID: 2751952

4. Amharic

Silbabot: Literally “You are the fatty layer on my warm milk”, meaning “You are a nuisance.”

ID: 2744796

5. Arabic

طيزك حمراء (Teezak hamra): Literally “Your butt is red!”, meaning “you’re a dumbass.”

ID: 2741003

6. Bengali

Christina Lu/BuzzFeed

মোটা কুকুর (Mota kutta): “Fat dog!”

ID: 2741271

7. Bulgarian

Кон да ти го натресе (Kon da ti go natrese): - “Get fucked by a horse!”

ID: 2749278

8. Cantonese

Christina Lu/BuzzFeed


金魚佬 (Gam yu lou): Literally “Goldfish man,” pervert, an old man who woos children with bags of pet goldfish.


仆街 (Puk gai): “Pave the road with your shit-worthless body!”

ID: 2740694

9. Croatian

Idi u pičku materinu!: “Go back inside your mother’s pussy!”

ID: 2740572

10. Czech

“Vykuř mi”: “Smoke my cock!”

ID: 2744868

11. English

American - Douchebag!

British - Bell-end!: “Glans!”

ID: 2744851

12. Farsi

Christina Lu/BuzzFeed

خاک تو سرت‎ (Khak too saret): “Dirt on your head!”, in the sense of “May you be buried!”

ID: 2740866

13. French


Fini à la pisse: “Finished with piss”, meaning that a person was conceived by a mix of sperm and urine.


Je te pisse à la raie!: “I piss on your butt crack!”

ID: 2740911

14. German

Du bist ein arschgeficktes suppenhuhn!: “You are a chicken that got fucked in the ass!”

ID: 2740618

15. Greek

Θα μου κλάσεις τα αρχίδια (Na mou klaseis ta’rxidia): Literally “Fart on my balls!”, meaning, “You’re powerless and ineffective.”

ID: 2744750

16. Hebrew

שמתי על זה קצוץ!‎ (Samti `al ze katzutz!): Literally “I put my circumcised one on it!”, meaning “I don’t give a fuck!”

ID: 2741123

17. Hindi/Urdu

Christina Lu/BuzzFeed

الو کا پٹھا‎ (Uloo Ka Pata): “Son of an owl!” (In the Indian subcontinent, owls are considered lazy and stupid.)

ID: 2741349

18. Hungarian

Kutya faszát!: “Dog dick!”

ID: 2746033

19. Icelandic

Hoppaðu upp í rassgatið á þér: “Hop up your own ass!”

ID: 2752969

20. Irish

Go mbeire an diabhal thú: “May the devil choke you!”

ID: 2748274

21. Italian

Vaffanculo!: Literally “Go do an ass!”, meaning, “Fuck you!”

ID: 2744660

22. Japanese

豆腐の角に頭をぶつけて死ね (Tofu no kado ni atama wo butsukete shine): “Hit your head on a corner of tofu and die!”

ID: 2744627

23. Korean

씨발놈 개쌔끼 (Shibbal-nom geseki): “Fuck you, you son of a bitch!”

ID: 2744600

24. Mandarin

肏你祖宗十八代 (Tsao Ni Zhu Zhong Shi Ba Dai): “Fuck all your family 18 generations past!”

ID: 2740916

25. Portuguese

Casa do caralho: “House of the dick!” Used to curse a specific place.

ID: 2744647

26. Romanian

Uscamias chilotii pe crucea matii!: “I would dry my dirty underwear on your mother’s crucifix!”

ID: 2740599

27. Russian

пошел на хуй (Poshol na khui): “Go ride a dick!”

ID: 2740673

28. Shanghainese

死老太婆 (Sǐ lǎo tài pó): “Die old lady!”

ID: 2740890

29. Spanish

Christina Lu/BuzzFeed

Christina Lu/BuzzFeed



La concha de la lora!: “The parrot’s pussy!” Used as “fuck off”.


Me cago en la leche!: “I shit in the milk!”

ID: 2744668

30. Swedish

Skitstövel!: “Shit-boot!”, basically, “asshole!”

ID: 2744614

31. Polish

Spierdalaj!: “Get the fuck away!”

ID: 2740842

32. Tagalog

Mukha Kang Tae: “You look like a shit!”

ID: 2741320

33. Turkish

Ağzına sıçarım: “I’ll shit in your mouth!”

ID: 2744886

34. Yiddish

Gay kocken offen yom!: “Go shit in the ocean!”

ID: 2740585

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