15 Reasons Why Being The Royal Baby Will Actually Suck

Sure, there are a lot of perks to being the child born to William and Kate. But life as the royal baby is mostly just gonna be an awkward pain in the ass.

1. Everybody’s baby photo is ugly. The whole world sees yours.

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2. Speaking of photos… What happens in Vegas… You know

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3. If you have a speech impediment, they’ll make a freaking movie about it

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4. Any fight with your mom ends with “Well, I’m the [future] Queen!”

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5. Gonna be difficult to have that Sex Pistols phase

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6. Morrissey will not feel your angst

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7. Someone’s already planning a Lifetime movie (or eight) about you

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8. You just know this guy is going to be hacking into your cell phone

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9. Everyone’s gonna see your selfies

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10. You’re constantly surrounded by these creeps

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11. No one wants to have to think about their parents like this

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12. What makes a first date even more awkward? A billion photographers watching you sweat

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13. That time you forgot about the test and flunked a class… The media is on it!

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14. Lots of people are cashing in on you, before you’re even born

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15. Sweet digs, right? Yeah, Windsor Castle is definitely haunted

Here’s proof.

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