19 Tips For Sleeping On The Train

Up early for the morning commute? Or travelling home after a long shift? Here’s some tips from @SleepyCommuters on how to take a snooze on the journey to and from the office.

1. Make yourself comfortable

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2. Getting hot? Just unzip your cardigan

ID: 1006006

3. Stretch yourself out

ID: 1006019

4. No, really, stretch yourself out

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5. Tables make excellent footrests

ID: 1006039

6. Too much light? Cover your eyes with a scarf

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7. Or a newspaper

ID: 1006029

8. Nowhere to rest your poor, weary head? Use a pole

ID: 1006033

9. Plastic bottles make perfect pillow replacements

ID: 1006035

10. As do fellow passengers

ID: 1006037

11. No seats available? Sleep on a luggage rack

ID: 1006044

12. Sleep under a luggage rack

ID: 1009907

13. Or just on the floor in the middle of the carriage

ID: 1009912

14. How about multi-tasking? Grab a snooze and a snack

(Not strictly a train, but the message remains the same)

ID: 1009923

15. Listen to the new Justin Timberlake album

ID: 1009925

16. Give yourself a caffeine boost with a cup of coffee

ID: 1009929

17. Protect yourself from deadly viruses

ID: 1009931

18. Catch up on the day’s headlines

ID: 1009935

19. And most importantly, remember there will probably be someone waiting with a camera, so always strike a pose

ID: 1009932

Thanks to @SleepyCommuters for this compilation. For more tired travellers, visit their Twitter page.

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