18 Great Signs From North Carolina’s “Moral Monday” Protests

For three months, thousands of North Carolinians have spent their Mondays protesting the Republican state legislature, and they’ve made some great signs.

1. No.

ID: 1435679

2. But really.

ID: 1435726

3. Mad Men.

ID: 1435797

4. :(

ID: 1435702


ID: 1435672

6. Use all the memes!

ID: 1435699

7. That sounds pretty serious.

ID: 1435707

8. Good question.

ID: 1435879

9. Yeah, leave that to South Carolina.

ID: 1435854

10. Something about the name “Jews for Justice” just really makes me happy.

ID: 1435733

11. OMG Karen, you can’t just ask them why they’re all old and white.

ID: 1435818

12. I seee wat U did ther/ .

ID: 1435708

13. Hey there, Art Pope.

ID: 1435688

14. Wasn’t even thinking about it, dude.

ID: 1435746

15. Also, that would be really horrifying.

ID: 1435833

16. So much uteri-magination.

ID: 1435842

17. This guy is awesome.

Iliana Ewen / Via Twitter: @IlinaP
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18. And this. This is everything.

ID: 1435667

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