13 Ways To Booze Like A Celebrity This Summer

It’s hot, here’s how to stay inebriated and dehydrated in style.


Danny Devito showed up smashed on The View, the perfect platform to launch a sweet lemon liquor of his own.


Dan Aykroyd ain’t afraid of no ghost, so naturally his Crystal Head vodka comes in the coolest bottle on the market.


Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo tequila has been flooding Spring Breaks for years, now he’s keeping the Caribbean vibes going with his Beach Bar Rum.


Snoop Dogg may have grown out of gin and juice but still keeps it gangster with Landy Cognac.


Marilyn Manson’s pushes one of the most demonic spirits known an absinthe aptly named Mansinthe.


Ludacris’ Conjure cognac…if Snoop can do it why can’t Chris Bridges.


Diddy’s Ciroc vodka is made from grapes and is perfect for the club or a bubble bath.


Vince Neil’s personal motto is “Tattoos and Tequila,” of course he’s got his own cactus juice called Tres Rios.


Donald Trump just needs to see his name etched in gold on everything, including vodka.


Willie Nelson is a renegade, therefor he pours Old Whiskey River.


Lil Jon proves that you can keep your dinner party CRUNK with his Little Jonathan wine.


Justin Timberlake pushes 901 tequila, most likely just to make ads like this.


Betheny Frankel’s Skinnygirl Margarita will not make you skinny: stress, speed and having your life broadcast on television will.

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