10 Situations Only Mormons Would Understand

If you’re a Mormon, you’ll understand. Credit to Mandy for her contribution from Dash It All; Snark and Testimony.

10. When we come out of our rooms and see our home teachers

Dash it All; Snark and Testimony / Via dashmandy.blogspot.com
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9. When we realize that popcorn doesn’t grow on apricot trees

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8. When the YM/YW leaders try to act cool at a stake dance

Dash it All; Snark and Testimony / Via dashmandy.blogspot.com
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7. When Elder Holland is about to speak at General Conference

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6. When we realize it’s fast Sunday

ID: 1606606

5. When we get called to Nursery

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4. When the Elders get together for an activity

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3. When we get our mission call in the mail

ID: 1606658

2. When we realize it’s to Boise, Idaho

ID: 1606663

1. How we prepare for the Sunday School lesson

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