The Most Bizarre Interior Paint Shade Names Of All Time

Whoever’s in charge of naming paint colors — we need to talk.

1. Hugs & Kisses

“I want to paint my wall the color of a PDA.” — no one

ID: 1644815

2. Mayonnaise

1. Squirt mayo on a sandwich. 2. Pause and think “Hey, this would look great on a wall.”

ID: 1644852

3. Potentially Purple

You don’t even know?!

ID: 1645021

4. Dragons Blood

What is this? Painting your kitchen or Game of Thrones?

ID: 1644775

5. Mermaid Net

Best case scenario: Mermaids aren’t real and you look like an idiot. Worst case scenario: You’ve killed a mermaid.

ID: 1645035

6. Song of Summer

Do Robin Thicke and Daft Punk have to get dragged into what color you’re painting your wall?

ID: 1644508

7. Bath Salts

Is this relaxing-me-time bath salts or eat-someone’s-face bath salts? Because it’s an important distinction.

ID: 1644883

8. Lauren’s Surprise

None of us know who Lauren is. Let’s just hope her little “surprise” isn’t something horrifying, whatever it is.

ID: 1644599

9. Friendship

Did you know that friendship has a color?

ID: 1644441

10. Flamingo’s Dream

The sad truth is, 0% of flamingos achieve their dreams.

ID: 1644952

11. Salty Tear

Interior design and crying: the ultimate combination.

ID: 1644565

12. Practical Beige

Whoever chooses this color is R2P (Ready 2 Party).

ID: 1644627

13. Whispering Peach

If only peach would shut up for like two seconds. We can all hear you.

ID: 1644581

14. Anonymous

Hey, people who name paint colors, this is allowed? Your boss was fine with this one?

ID: 1644640

15. Emotional

Whitney Houston’s 1987 hit “So Emotional” probably wasn’t named after this orange color. Probably.

ID: 1644687

16. Spirit Whisper


ID: 1644521

17. Phantom Mist

Also terrifying.

ID: 1645121

18. Rave Red

Is this shade of red going to be sucking on a pacifier and throwing glow sticks around?

ID: 1644729

19. Magic Potion

Maybe you just wanted to paint a wall, and now all of a sudden you’re mixed up in the black arts and there’s no turning back.

ID: 1644745

20. Divine Pleasure

Slowly backing away.

ID: 1644492

21. New Age

Remember that store in the mall that sold incense and power crystals and went out of business? This paint color certainly does.

ID: 1644763

22. Bagel

Are you just naming paints after what you ate today?

ID: 1645029

23. Nacho Cheese

But it’s an elegant, Victorian nacho cheese.

ID: 1644961

24. Centaur

Wanna paint the wall like a man horse please.

ID: 1645157

25. Obstinate Orange

All those other oranges are too compromising. Give me a strong-headed orange. I need a challenge.

ID: 1644974

26. Seduction

Nothing says “seduction” like a bright purple room.

ID: 1644895

27. Gray Area

If “gray area” comes up in a conversation it’s never, ever a good thing.

ID: 1644999

28. St. Patty’s Day

I’d like to make a room in my home reminiscent of green vomit. What color is that? Ah yes.

ID: 1644945

29. Red Red Wine

I’d like my wall to resemble that time at the party when UB40 comes on and everyone’s too drunk to change it.

ID: 1645014

30. Dream I Can Fly

We’ve all listened to the Space Jam soundtrack, but do you really want to base your interior decorating decisions on it?

ID: 1644905

31. Lavender Secret

If you keep too many lavender secrets, someone’s gonna get lavender hurt.

ID: 1645199

32. Dinner Mint

Ninety-nine percent of the time dinner mints suck. There are those rare occasions that you get an Andes mint. But those times can’t possibly make up for a lifetime of starlight mint BS.

ID: 1645064

33. Grandma’s Sweater

Remember when Grandma wore that blue sweater? No? Well then GET OUT.

ID: 1644912

34. Cheerful Whisper

Have you ever whispered cheerfully? Pretend that you have. This is what color that is.

ID: 1645096

35. Likeable Sand

I want the color of sand, but only if it’s a likable sand.

ID: 1645173

36. Appletini

Painting your wall this color will result in the same thing as ordering an appletini — regret.

ID: 1645137

37. Frozen in Time

Like… cryogenically or… what?

ID: 1645190

38. Subtle Touch

Who’s touching what now?

ID: 1645219

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