The World According To “Nice Guys” As Explained By Charts

Step one: Finish last.

1. The nicest guys are easy to spot because they’ll tell you “I’m a Nice Guy.” Maybe more than once.

Joanna Borns
ID: 3271739

2. You can also easily find a Nice Guy from his lack of a girlfriend.

Joanna Borns
ID: 3271320

3. Because women are repelled by niceness and attracted to jerkiness.

Joanna Borns
ID: 3272047

4. Nice Guys can earn reward points for being nice to other people.

ID: 3272383

5. And once you earn enough Nice Guy points you can trade them in for various prizes.

ID: 3272933

6. But it’s easy to get scammed when you try to redeem your Nice Guy points.

ID: 3278076

7. Unfortunately, kind of like American Express, most women don’t accept Nice Guy points. They trade in jerk points.

ID: 3273406

8. Then it’s super easy for jerks to cash in their jerk points for all the girlfriends you could ever want.

ID: 3277614

9. Sorry, Nice Guys.

ID: 3278391

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