16 Unhelpful Life Lessons From Pinterest

Teach us, oh Pinterest, of life and love.

1. You should be eating tiny meals out of a mug.

Plates are for idiots. Take a hike, bowls!

ID: 1927288

2. Stack your cookies and stack ‘em high.

ID: 1927263

Gone are the days of horizontal cookie placement.

ID: 1927283

3. You could easily put Anthropologie out of business.

Is that salmon roe?

ID: 1927079

Anthropologie’s whole brand revolves around selling stuff that looks like it was made in a quirky person’s basement. Pinterest shows us we can all be that quirky person in a basement with its many “Anthro inspired/copycat” DIYs.

ID: 1927205

4. There’s nothing that can’t be a terrarium.

ID: 1927230

Tea cup? Great. Old TV? Perfect. Flower pot? GET OUT OF HERE.

ID: 1927243

5. The key to losing weight is putting cucumber and other gunk in your water.

ID: 1927298

Mmmm science.

ID: 1927316

6. Almond milk, vanilla extract, baking cocoa, ice and a banana will taste identical to a Wendy’s Frosty.


Works best if you’ve never tried an actual Frosty before in your life.

ID: 1927368

7. Children should be more stylish than you will ever be.

ID: 1927390

8. Any hairstyle is possible with a minimum of 6,000 easy steps.

And after the 6,000th step and millionth bobby pin, it just ends up looking like a weird bun.

ID: 1927485

9. Print out your Instagrams and bring them into the world.


Instagrams were meant to be touched, smelled, felt.

ID: 1927513

10. You should expand your definition of the word “easy.”

“Easy Nail Art”

ID: 1927523

“Easy Nail Art”

ID: 1927529

“Easy Nail Art”

ID: 1927543

11. A photograph of your coffee belongs in a museum.

I put my coffee in a drawer.


So artsy.

ID: 1927564

12. The #1 rule of sandwich photography is ooze factor.


Also important: oozability, oozishness, and the oozing quotient.

ID: 1927596

13. You should imitate the magic of chain restaurant food in your own home.

ID: 1927606

You can recreate the experience of such culinary delights as KFC, Chili’s and Cracker Barrel without even putting on pants.

ID: 1927619

14. Being physically able to pull your food apart is important.

Exert your physical power over food to really put it in its place.

ID: 1927634

15. There’s no limit to what you can do with a baby’s foot.

ID: 1927653

Hope you like paint on your foot, baby.

ID: 1927669

16. Mason jars are God.

They are the Alpha and the Omega. There is nothing else.

ID: 1927686

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