10 Reasons "The Lying Game" Should Be Renewed For Another Season

The Lying Game still hasn’t be renewed for another season. Here are some reason’s why this amazing show needs to come back.

1. Because who else other than Sutton can we count on for such great hair?

ID: 1033273

2. Because we are left wondering if Mads will ever end up with a decent guy.

I still don’t know why she didn’t pick Ryan.

ID: 1033293

3. Because want to know how many more people Emma will pepper spray.

ID: 1033299

4. Because there is no little sister better than Laurel!

ID: 1033302

5. Because we need to know how far Dan will go to find Theresa’s killer.

ID: 1033309

6. Because we are still dying to know which twin Ethan ends up with.

ID: 1033313

7. Because we want to know if Ethan and Sutton can finally be friends (or more).

ID: 1033320

8. Because we need to know what kind of father Ted will be to Emma.

Now that he knows about the twins.

ID: 1033325

9. Because we need to know if Alec is really dead!

and if it was Rebecca who pushed him through the glass.

ID: 1033330

10. And because we need to know if Thayer is really Theresa and Derek’s killer!

And what his endgame is.

ID: 1033365

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