47 Telltale Signs You Went On Semester At Sea

1,000 people, 3 months, and one incredible voyage around the world that you’ll never forget.

1. The MV Explorer was your home for three months.

And forever, in your heart

ID: 1449887

2. You got VERY cozy with your roommate.

And pretended to be asleep if she had any “visitors”

ID: 1442941

3. This was your lifeline to get on and off the ship.

ID: 1449886

4. You had class in rooms like this.

But class always paused if someone spotted a whale outside…

ID: 1443066

5. You started a blog but only posted one entry.

ID: 1449831

6. You always nodded off during Global Studies…

ID: 1443150

7. Or you never went to Global Studies at all.

ID: 1443152

8. You never knew what day of the week it was, but always knew whether it was an A day or B day.

ID: 1443162

9. You studied outside whenever you could (because you’d be crazy to study inside).

Though, let’s be honest, you didn’t do much studying.

ID: 1443046

10. You’d hear this every time the crew ran a drill:

ID: 1443024

11. You felt special when a crew member knew your name and said hello.

ID: 1443193

12. Hooking up in the lifeboat was your ULTIMATE GOAL.

ID: 1443156

13. You lived for pub night and collected your wine for three days in a Nalgene until you could actually get drunk off it.

ID: 1443183

14. You lost an hour every night as the ship headed east and you turned into a zombie.

ID: 1443169

15. You saw Captain Jeremy dressed up as King Neptune on Neptune Day…

ID: 1443092

16. Then shaved your head!

ID: 1442854

17. You competed in the Sea Olympics.

ID: 1442997

18. You were the tannest you’ve ever been and ever will be.

Which is probably for the best.

ID: 1443002

19. You “worked out” on the ship and just tried to not fall off the treadmill.

ID: 1443197

20. You felt so fancy when you and your friends did fine dining to celebrate someone’s birthday.

ID: 1443171

21. You walked into a new city feeling totally prepared…

ID: 1449965

22. But you usually came back with diarrhea.

ID: 1443137

23. You saw some of the world’s greatest wonders…

Like the Great Wall of China

ID: 1449999

And the Taj Mahal in India

ID: 1450004

Or the Reclining Buddha in Thailand

ID: 1464732

Or the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala

ID: 1464736

Or the halls of the Alhambra in Spain

ID: 1464744

24. You did something TOTALLY INSANE like skydiving or swimming with sharks.

ID: 1450009

25. At some point you told your family you were moving to China or Thailand or South Africa or whatever your favorite country was FOREVER.

ID: 1443206

26. You learned to squat to pee in Asia and HATED it.

ID: 1443200

27. Everyone in Asia wanted a picture with you.

ID: 1464928

28. You saw a lot of translated signs that were sort of kind of maybe a little off.

ID: 1442872

29. You held up signs in each country to thank your parents for helping to send you on the greatest journey of your life.

ID: 1442903

30. You went on safari and saw INCREDIBLE animals.

ID: 1465003

31. Helpful strangers around the world restored your faith in humanity.

ID: 1443209

32. Dock time was your worst nightmare.

ID: 1443158

33. You couldn’t wait to get home to the MV Explorer after a few days ashore and take a much-needed shower…

ID: 1442902

34. And this was the stairway to heaven.

ID: 1443100

35. You watched the country you just visited fade into the distance as you set sail for the next one.

ID: 1442900

36. You went through the Panama Canal (if you were lucky!)

ID: 1442944

37. Those sunsets over the ocean were the most beautiful ones you’ve ever seen.

ID: 1442980

38. You recognize every room in this video (and are maybe even in it!)

ID: 1443015

39. You dressed up to the nines for Ambassador’s Ball/Alumni Ball.

ID: 1442880

40. By the end of the voyage, you knew every single person on the ship.

ID: 1442932

41. And everyone signed your map on the last day.

ID: 1465260

42. You had a pretty hard time adjusting back to life on dry land…

ID: 1442949

43. But you can always tell your friends this:

ID: 1442971

44. You made lifelong friendships that changed your life for the better.

ID: 1442947

45. You’ll always consider the MV Explorer home.

ID: 1442912

46. You circumnavigated the globe!!!

ID: 1442866

47. And you wish you could do it all over again every. single. day.

ID: 1442918

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