46 Animals Having A Better Summer Than You

Seriously, you’d better make the most of August.

1. This dog who started working out in February so his body would be beach ready

ID: 1435581

2. And this walrus who did the same thing

ID: 1435712

3. This spider who can’t believe how amazing she looks in her bathing suit

ID: 1435794

4. These skateboarding dogs

ID: 1435583

ID: 1435613

ID: 1435723

ID: 1435616

ID: 1435639

9. This dog who’s unimpressed by your tricks

ID: 1436031

10. This dog who couldn’t wait to get his bike out of storage

ID: 1435651

11. This bird who’s straight cruisin’

ID: 1435865

12. This turtle who’s just happy to be outside

ID: 1435722

13. This teenage dog who hangs out with his cool teenage friends at the playground

ID: 1435627

ID: 1435656

15. This seal who loves to play outside with his friends

ID: 1435701

16. This raccoon who loves playing in the sprinklers

ID: 1435698

17. And this baby moose

ID: 1436042

18. These monkeys joining their friends at the pool

ID: 1435732

19. These dogs on water slides

ID: 1435596

ID: 1435772

21. This otter that WILL beat you in pool basketball

ID: 1436067

22. This cat who is SUPER EXCITED to get to the beach

ID: 1435714

23. This dog who packed the perfect beach bag

ID: 1436036

24. This dog who’s been waiting FOREVER to learn how to swim

ID: 1435622

25. These penguins practicing for Baywatch

ID: 1435763

26. This dog who’s letting her hair down

ID: 1436047

27. This corgi who just can’t wait to jump in

ID: 1435619

28. This elephant who’s only going in far enough so she can pee

ID: 1436055

29. These elephants who CANNOT get enough of the water

ID: 1435691

ID: 1435692

ID: 1435737

32. This hippo who feels the same way

ID: 1435719

33. And this tiger, too

ID: 1435749

34. This monkey who just realized she lost her bikini top

ID: 1435743

35. This squirrel who hasn’t waterskiied since last summer, man

ID: 1435883

36. This dog hanging ten

ID: 1435636

37. This dog who just loves to shred, bro

ID: 1435893

38. This dog who says surfing is his LIFE

ID: 1435898

39. This jetskiing dog

ID: 1436023

40. This sloth who lives life in the fast lane

ID: 1436089

41. This scubadiving cat

ID: 1435578

42. And this dog riding a dolphin

ID: 1435599

43. This chipmunk going to a rooftop dance party tonight

ID: 1435787

44. This sloth making a move on his longtime crush

ID: 1435802

45. This cat rollin’ home after a fun summer day

ID: 1435605

46. But you know we’ll do it all over again tomorrow!!!!

ID: 1435835

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