What Working From Home Is Really Like

Enjoy the most productive day you’ve had all week.

1. Usually in the office at 9:00am? Perfect, wake up at 8:59am, rollover and grab your laptop.

Bask in the victory of saving yourself that hour of time you usually need to get ready. Pajamas are where it’s at today.

ID: 1605085

2. Check your inbox to answer any emails from your boss right away. This way they’ll know you’re in fact available and working.

Time spent: 30 minutes

ID: 1605091

3. No more emails? What’s everyone up to on Facebook?

Time spent: 1 hour

ID: 1605125

4. What’s the latest on Twitter?

Time spent: 30 min

ID: 1605129

5. Oh man! Almost forgot about Instagram!

Time spent: 30 min

ID: 1605222

6. It’s almost lunch time! Make something healthy.

Time Spent: 1 hour

ID: 1605793

7. Plop yourself on the couch and exercise your multitasking skills by keeping your office chat active, inbox up on screen, and locate your favorite daytime TV show.

Time spent: 3 hours

ID: 1605465

8. Oh, email from your boss. Answer vigorously.

Time spent: 5 minutes

ID: 1605904

9. More Facebook.

ID: 1605910

10. More Twitter.

ID: 1605917

11. Facebook.

ID: 1605925

12. Twitter.

ID: 1605936

13. Facebook.

ID: 1605949

14. Email.

ID: 1606210

15. YouTube!!!

ID: 1605978

16. Facebook.

ID: 1606016

17. Vine!

Time Spent: 45 minutes

ID: 1606057

18. Facebook.

ID: 1606067

19. Oh shit! Someone’s posted they’re going for happy hour tonight.

Only 1 more hour until this day’s over.

ID: 1606116

20. Victory! It’s 5:00pm and time to get a drink. You’ve earned it.

Wait, remember to bathe first.

ID: 1606158

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