31 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles You Can Actually Do Yourself

These bridal styles are as easy as they are romantic.

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1. The Twisted Bun

Get the directions here.

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2. The Side Pony

Get the directions here.

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3. The Flat Twist

Get the directions here.

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4. The Cinnamon Roll Updo

Get directions here.

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5. The Twist and Pin

Perfect for curly hair. Get the instructions here.

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6. Hollywood Waves

Instructions here.

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7. The Edgy Updo

See how she did it here.

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8. The Twist Tuck Braid

This one might take some practice. Get the DIY here.

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9. The Sleek Rolled Tuck

Get the rest of the instructions here.

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10. The Braid Bun Bang

Get the full instructions here.

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11. The Heart Bun


Get the directions here.

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12. The Sideswept Braid

Get written directions here.

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13. The Half-Up Bun

See how here.

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14. The Demi-Bouffant

Get the directions here.

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15. The Hair Bow

Learn how here.

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16. The Side Braid

How-to here.

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17. The Full Bouffant

This style even works for shorter hair. See how here.

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18. The Low Knotted Bun

See how here.

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19. The Game of Thrones Braid

See how to do it here.

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20. Roller Set Curls

Check out the video tutorials here.

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21. The Easy Updo

Get the tutorial here.

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22. The Romantic Fishtail Braid

See the video here.

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23. The Waterfall Braid

See how here.

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24. Sideswept Curls

Get directions here.

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25. The Perfect Side Bun

Tutorial here.

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26. The Quick and Easy Hair Twist

See the video tutorial here.

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27. The Pulled Back Curls

Catherine Abegg /

See other views here.

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28. The Upside Down French Braid

See how here.

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29. The Looped Fishtail

Get directions here.

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30. The Half Crown Braid

See the video here.

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31. The Kate Middleton

See how here.

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Bonus: How to Apply Extensions Yourself

Full directions here.

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